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In addition to developing community forums from the ground up, Group Builder also actively acquires forums and niche content websites.

Group Builder has been active in discussion forums since 2001 and has developed the knowledge of what it takes to successfully manage a community in a wide array of verticals.

If you are the owner of a forum and are open to the idea of selling please contact us. We are open to all subject matters and can offer a quick and smooth transition for both yourself and your community. In addition to a great team of community administrators we have the technical resources to handle the transfer from start to finish no matter what platform you are running on.

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"I had a great experience with Group Builder. They were quick, there was no hassle, and everything was exactly as they said. As a businessman I value my time greatly... and so did Group Builder. Thank you for taking the burden of the transaction and paperwork off of me and keeping things moving quickly and smoothly." - Matt, ObservedTrials

"Group Builder is a pleasure to work with. Keith from Group Builder made the transition simple and easy." - Ray, KTOG

"It was a pleasure to do business with Group Builder. The transaction was handled professionally and went extremely smooth." - Ben, TeamFlyingCircus

"When I was first approached about selling my site, I was skeptical. As we worked through the process I started to understand how organized Groupbuilder was. The purchase was smooth and easy and best of all my community has been impressed with the support they continue to receive after the sale. Selling my site was hard, but I know it's in good hands now and will continue to grow." - Will, J3-Cub

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